Saturday, April 18, 2015

Montserrat College of Art Senior Shows: "Así Es Como Yo Lo Veo"

Our last Senior Thesis Exhibit is upon us featuring some extremely talent work from two excellent painters. Porter Mill Gallery and Montserrat College of Art is proud to present Así Es Como Yo Lo Veo, featuring Montserrat students Kai Michelle Cruz Jiménez and Maria Isabella Echavez. "Así Es Como Yo Lo Veo" translates from Spanish to English as "This Is How I See It." The works of Kai Michelle Cruz Jiménez and Maria Isabella Echavez sit side by side in this exhibit representing the middle ground that they occupy between language and culture. The nature of the mediums are seen prospering in both Cruz's ink works and Echavez's paintings. A connection to the natural is undeniable and can be seen in the organic forms and lines that are involved in this show.

"Canto"Kai Michelle Cruz Jimenez 2015 Ink on Yupo

Kai Michelle Cruz Jiménez, a Puerto-Rican artist raised in Lowell, Massachusetts works exclusively with ink on yupo. Focusing on openness and allowing the reactions of the ink to the paper lead her through the piece, she creates a place. These places rely heavily on gradients and mark-making, and they differ from full greyscale works to works with a hint of color. Large, looming, amorphous forms sit on a paper 5’ by 11’ while other forms sit in much smaller spaces of 5” by 6.” Each of Cruz’s works welcomes the viewer to this inherent feeling of neither here nor there.

"(Love Sounds) Sleepwalker" Maria Isabella Echavez 2015 Acrylic on Raw Canvas

Maria Isabella Echavez is an Argentinian-American artist born in California and currently  based in Portland, Maine. Traveling between coasts and being an avid sufer; the ocean is the underlying influence in Echavez’s work. Working in exclusively water-based media, she creates paintings that play with fluidity and spontaneity. Color, light, and space are all carefully examined in her art. These works exist on large, raw, unstretched canvas in order to limit the paint to a specific composition or predetermined structure. Over all this is a series of works that demonstrate Isabella's experimental approach to painting.

Both artists challenge themselves with scale and expand the gallery space with large and small works. The artworks of their final year at Montserrat College of Art encompass both their growth as artists as well as their life experiences. Familiarity and strangeness exists in how each of their discrepant roots communicate and this communication and place of being is expressed harmoniously in their work.

"Así Es Como Yo Lo Veo"  will be on view from April 22nd to May 2nd. The opening reception will be held on Wednesday, April 22nd 5pm - 8pm at the Porter Mill Studios in Beverly, MA.

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