Monday, March 28, 2016

Porter Mill Studios: 4 WEEK ART CHALLENGE

April is crazy busy month for us here at the Porter Mill Studios. With Beverly Comic Con 3 coming up this weekend on Saturday April 2nd 10am - 6pm and our newest gallery show "The Drip Room" coming up next week on Saturday April 9th 6pm - 9pm things are shaping up to be great month at the building. Lets keep up the work this April with a fun new community art challenge for the Porter Mill artists!

Introducing for the first time "The Porter Mill Studios: 4 Week Art Challenge"! For four weeks in April we're challenging the artists of the Porter Mill to produce a new piece every week based a theme given every Saturday. After the month is completed the work will be collected and displayed for the our June show "The Porter Mill Studios: 4 Week Art Show" to coincide with our big Summer Open Studios on Saturday June 4th. This challenge is going out to Porter Mill artists exclusively and will be a great chance to create some new pieces and represent your art in the building! It's okay if you can't do every week or if you're too busy to participate whatever you want to submit will accept in this show, as long as you're a Porter Mill artist you're in! This challenge is a fun encouragement to push yourself creatively and produce some new art to share and sell! 

We're coming up to the first Saturday in April so we're going to give everyone the first week's theme: 


Drop off for "The Porter Mill Studios: 4 Week Art Show" will be held in the Main Gallery on May 26th. This should be a fun challenge that we encourage all Porter Mill artists to take part in, challenging yourself to make some new great work at the Mill!

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