Andrea Stoehr

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Andrea discovered the beauty of fused glass several years ago during a trip to New Mexico with a visit to a glass gallery. Fascinated by the changes of light and color, she vowed that this was something she just had to do. She is self-taught, with some learning opportunities through you-tube, local fused glass merchants, and DVDs. Starting out with a microwave kiln and working her way up to a medium-sized tabletop kiln, Andrea stumbled through various experiments, failures and happy accidents. Each piece is unique with no two pieces exactly alike. The raw glass comes in the form of sheets, frit (ground up glass), shards and more. Metals such as copper, brass, and fine silver are often included in the firing. Most pieces are fired up to approximately 1450-1500 degrees, with a hold varying per piece being fired. Some pieces such as home decor and art pieces require multiple firings.

Andrea works out of her studio at the 14 Cedar Street Studios in Amesbury, MA. She can be reached at: