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Jim Vaughey

Jim Vaughey (studio 4-4) is a Salem based artist, exploring whimsy, altered book sculptures, mixed media illustrations of mostly chickens, and the exploration of "eh"-tertainment games.  Games that are ok, I guess


Combining hardcover books, no longer wanted, with board games and creating a third new thing.   A thing that will hopefully bring you joy.  Or possibly a snicker. At the very least entertain

This new thing can bring both the book and the game pieces a new life.  In An Old -Fashioned Girl Goes On A Mystery Date, will Tom be behind the door when Polly Milton opens it?  Would the games of siblings be worthy of being found in the book from Famous Stories of the Sea and Ships and Battleship?  And can you solve the mystery in Sherlock Does Not Have A Clue, with only the clues found in this book?

A sampling from the display:

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