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Jim Vaughey is a Salem, MA-based artist whose work is focused around creating a spark of amusement to anyone looking at his pieces. He has been creating altered book-board game sculptures since 2018 and fanciful creatures of marker and tissue paper for years before that. No matter the chosen medium, the end result is to present a concept through a whimsical lens which has been taken seriously.  


Elaine Caliri Daly

Elaine Caliri Daly shares a

studio on the 4th floor with her

daughter Dianna Daly. "At this

difficult time in our lives I am

grateful to create pieces

of hope."


Dianna Daly

Dianna Daly shares a studio with her

mom, Elaine Daly, on the 4th floor of

Porter Mill.  She spends most of her

time teaching movement to people

with Parkinsons and Yoga and

Meditation at Salem State University

but is grateful for any little time spent

painting withher mom. 










I wanted to believe. 

So, I created the wounds and stuck my fingers in them. 

Now, I have something to believe in. 


In my practice, seeing is believing. I make visible my personal

process of existential questioning. By combining digital and

handmade ways of working with classical, ecclesiastical,

and pop culture references, I dissociate spiritual practices

from a specific time and point to ageless and essential

characteristics of human seeking. With printmaking, textiles,

new media, photography, and installation, I create renditions

of sacred spaces and rituals in order to explore contemporary

lived experiences of spirituality and interiority.




I have enjoyed making art most of my life and have had the good fortune to maintain a studio outside

the home for many of those years.  Indulging in the romance of the studio, the canvas, the paper, the

paints, brushes and all the other things i need to make this art.  To be able to sit and meditate and work

on things in progress, to live with them, look at them, change, remake, discard and begin again until something emerges and is finished.
I was affiliated with two prominent galleries in Manhattan for a dozen years and also one in upstate

New York.  Ivan Karp being one of those at O K Harris and Kathryn Markel and John Davis.  All very good

to me.  I am still represented by the Krakow Witkin Gallery in Boston and the Matthew Swift Gallery in

Gloucester as well as several other private dealers.  I thought I could die happy to have one exhibition in

NYC in my lifetime.  I had many.  You just never know.  But just showing up in the studio most mornings

and seeing where the work takes you is the very best part.  You get to make it for yourself,

to please only yourself.                         

Suzanne H. Ulrich


Nicola Russell

My name is Niki Russell. I paint landscapes en plein aire in oil from within the North Shore

area. And I paint portraits in oil and watercolor

for enjoyment or commission. I graduated from William Smith College last May and am currently living in Marblehead MA with my family. The virus is keeping us all locked in the house but I am finding sanity in my work and

for the first time making some self-portraits as I have no models anymore. I am available for commission if you ever want a portrait of a loved one or pet.


David Kay


David Kay graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1979. He and his wife, Joanne Jolly, started the Kingston Gallery in 1982 and ran it for 5 years. The gallery was created as a co-op for emerging artists. The Kingston Gallery is still in business and is located in the SOWA arts district on Harrison Avenue.

David received a BFA in photography and minored in film & video. He studied with some well-known photographers with lots of connections and met several influential photographers. His work has been shown in many exhibitions and published.

With 45 years of industrial experience in mechanical engineering, David has developed an extensive photo portfolio of commercial products. He also shoots artists’ crafts & jewelry. His other interests include Boston buildings, and marine life.

David has taught classes at Reading Creative Arts, and the Essex Arts Center. For the past two years, he has tutored students in Boston public schools. Years ago, he taught photography at an alternative high school also in Dorchester. His favorite places to see art are the Addison Gallery and the Griffin Museum in Winchester.