Janell Lukac

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Janell was raised on a farm in Big Prairie, Ohio and learned to appreciate from an early age the satisfaction of expressing one’s self in a visual way mainly from seeing her Grandmother’s own talents of knitting, sewing, and quilting become tangible works of art. From the farm days to college this remained instilled in her and the act of creating had become an increasingly desirable activity. Janell is a graduate of Ohio Northern University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. She has worked in the digital arts field for over 20 years. Janell started her career in the printing industry then moved into the publishing field in journal and book design as well as illustration and infographics. Janell currently works full-time as a Senior Graphic Artist and Production Coordinator on the North Shore. Additionally, she enjoys creative explorations outside of work including mixed media paintings as well as other experimental mediums.



My work is primarily mixed media abstract using vivid colors and sometimes combined with areas of metal foils and collage that create a break in the painted surface. I plan to continue finding new and interesting materials to incorporate into my work.

In my paintings I am exploring feelings and emotions within myself as well as experimenting with opposing surface areas (matte vs. shiny or textural vs. smooth)