Kaylee Anh Le

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My name is Kaylee.  I moved to Salem about 6 years ago for Salem State University, and am a Salem State Alumni. I’m an owner of Love Green Station which offers eco-friendly, non-toxic and low waste products like handmade face cream, soaps, and macramé coaster/home decor made with recycled cotton. 

 I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but a girl who loves art in various forms. I once only saw art through painting, drawing, or music. Yet, since I practice mindfulness I started to feel and see art in different things in life. I enjoy creating natural and sustainable soaps and face cream for my green business. Sustainable and ethical are my ideology for both my art and business. I started doing macramé as a hobby. The more I do it, the more I fall in love with the art of macramé and the beauty of its simplicity. The repetition of knotting calms my anxiety tremendously. Sometimes I visualize what I want to make and follow through with it; but sometimes I just go with the flow and how I feel at the moment.  I use recycled cotton in order to keep my products eco-friendly without any chemical dye. I gather driftwood from local beaches. I once thought knots are an illustrative idea of problem, tangled, or unfortunate issues; yet macramé taught me one important thing is that sometimes things happen for a reason. Knots can be beautiful, too. Knots can calm you down. Knots can make you happy. That’s why I want to name this first and small collection of mine, Happy Knots.