Sophie Glikson Cahen

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  ARTIST BIO As an artist, expressive art therapist and creative life coach, I embrace art as both a powerful language and a friend for the soul. The six paintings chosen for this art show came as friendly messengers during the pandemic. They encouraged a moving forward, a going along with and going through with, what life brought on my plate. Each image carries and activates a certain energy, which can be accessible to us. My wish is that one image calls you and bring solace wherever needed. I began painting in 1982 when I moved from Paris to Boston - a time of self-discovery. I have been exhibiting in the United States, Puerto Rico and France. My artwork tends to be semi-abstract and evocative. I like to explore a variety of mediums, lately mostly with gouache, pastels and mixed media with natural elements. In 2014, I began to develop art installations that involved viewers' participation. My vision is for us together to increase our sense of freedom and creative power by drawing from endless wells of possibility, resources and make lovingly-guided actions.