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Digital artist Susan Pulaski’s love of art and the creative process has been a lifelong passion. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at The University of New Hampshire, where she also studied the masters in art history classes. After starting a career as an entry-level graphic designer in high tech publishing and working her way up to Art Director overseeing the overall layout and design of one of the magazines, Pulaski took time off to stay at home to raise her children.


“Several years ago I rediscovered Photoshop through a fantastic on-line course called Photoshop Artistry. This course not only helped me grow as a photographer, but more importantly as a digital artist, being able to envision an idea and then bring it to life in Photoshop. After completing that course I took the advanced AWAKE Photoshop Artistry class in which the instructor teaches not only the advanced skills of Photoshop, but how to push ourselves beyond our own creative limits to create amazing artwork and live a creative life every day. I feel like I have found my niche being able to bring my ideas to life through Photoshop,” said Pulaski.


Her artwork has been published in the acclaimed monthly on-line publication Living the Photo Artistic Life (most recently in the November 2020 issue) and in the Fall 2017 as well as the Spring 2018 issues of the print magazine Somerset Digital Studio. She also has exhibited works most recently in the 2019 small works show at The Switchboard gallery in Haverhill as well as the 2019 small works show at Porter Mill Studios.


“Most of my work incorporates my own photographs combined with other artists’ content such as textures, photos and vintage ephemera. Other images are created solely with royalty-free stock images from other photographers, which I then transform into whatever vision or emotion I am trying to convey,” she explained. “Some of my favorite works to date are created with photos I have taken while traveling to places such as Italy and New York City, which I then combine with other materials to give them a painterly feel.”


The artist lives in North Andover, MA with her family and beloved Cavalier King Charles, Lola. She believes that art comes from sharing a passion. “Art is an act of love for oneself, for others, and for the world around us,” said Pulaski.


For more information, visit https://www.susanpulaskiart.com, where you can order images in various sizes or get a customized piece. Also, follow me on Instagram and Facebook at susanpulaskiart.